Flower of Life Sacred Geometry and Owl Carrier, Silk Scarf


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One of the most consistent elements in my artwork is, and will likely always be, the owl. No creature is more symbolic to me of intellect and cleverly lived life than the owl. I have in my life had the fortune to help rescue one, and to be in close contact with several, and I am in absolute awe of the connection.


Owl is believed to be the guide between realms, and if you are feeling the need for owl energy you could be needing to tune in, to listen, to observe. To trust.


This particular owl is partnered with the flower of life, a captivating geometrical shape composed of overlapping exact circles arranged in a flower. It is an ultimate sacred feminine symbol, the perfect harmonious form. The flower of life is a perfect pairing with the gifted owl, as they are both a visual expression of connectivity and a balance between what was and what is.

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