Judy the Syrian Bear Eco Friendly Bags


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Eco Friendly Bags

Cute Farmers Market Bags

Judy is an absolutely stunning bear, she has such vibrant colours in her fur, and her character stands out as well. 
That’s why we thought Judy would make a fabulous model for one of our pretty reusable bags, and with this soft 
Colour scheme she really pops. At Erin Foggoa Creative we feel that our best shopping bags design is the one 
That does something good. Eco friendly living is important to us, as is Judy the bear, and being able to help all of her friends. 
These simple ecology bags are built tough, they are made to handle your best day at the farmer’s market but still look great.
These gifts that give back to animal charities are our way of helping the amazing people who take care of bears like Judy.
If you’d like to know more about The Orphaned Wildlife Centre that Judy calls her forever home, please check the link below. 

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