Fragile Giants – Kodiak Bear Print on Canvas.




Fragile Giants. 2020.

This gorgeous soulful face belonged to Jimbo, a 1400lb Kodiak bear who was in the lifelong care of the amazing people at Orphaned Wildlife in New York.

If you have ever been lucky enough to watch a bear in it’s own element, and I have many times, you know the true feeling of awe and that you are witnessing something of magnificence and power.

My first run in with a bear face to face was in the woods behind my home, and it was a black bear that debated going up the tree it was standing full height to, or running, or who knows? I was only seve, and the bear chose to just stare. Locked in that look, I fell into a forever love and admiration of bears that lasts just as strong today as it did when I ran home breathlessly to tell my mom about my brush with death.


Erin Foggoa has been invited to become a Signature member with Artists for Conservation, and Fragile Giants will be showcased at the annual Artists for Conservation Festival, which is a world-class conservation art exhibit in Vancouver and then St. Petersburg, Florida. The Artists for Conservation society is a leading international artist group and the members are recognized for their environmental and conservancy work through the arts.

The original will not be for sale until the artwork is returned to Erin Foggoa.

Each Erin Foggoa Creative art print is made carefully by true artisans, made to order and sent with care. I have partnered with only the best of art production companies to make a product that is as close to the first image as can be. You art will come with a certificate of authenticity, verifying the number of your print and that it is authorized by Erin Foggoa Creative.

The original piece is printed on canvas, brought back to the studio, Inlayed with metal flake in rose gold, brass, gold or silver, enhanced with earth elements and gemstones and then coated in a lush layer of resin and signed by the artist. If you would like the original, please speak to me directly.

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