Marine Life, Animal Energy Coconut Octopus Silk Scarf


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The coconut octopus is one of the most lively, and vibrant, and intelligent creatures in the known world.

They are named as such because they have been observed carrying their coconut shell homes around, and carrying them all over the sea floor, knowing that in a moment’s notice they can flip the shell and be entirely safe. I am a big fan of the octopus species, but I have a large love for the the first invertebrate ever recorded to be using tools!

They are also terribly fun, and funny, and if you have yourself a lazy Sunday and wish to see more I highly recommend looking them up on Youtube, you will not be disappointed.

I create octopus energy when I am feeling like I need to adapt or become one with my surroundings. Octopi are by far one of the best disguisers in the world, and are a phenomenal lesson in being creative.

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