Deep Blue Wood Grain Barn Owl Scarf



This is one of my original designs for scarves, and is still one of my all time favourites to wear. It compliments almost any outfit, and is so striking that I chat with at least two people a day about it while it’s on.

Owls feature a lot in my work because I love them, their silent power, their intelligent eyes, and their captivating myths and stories. I have had the opportunity in Ireland to have one hunt from my arm, and I still fondly think of it often, how something so light was filled with so much power.


I find wearing this scarf gives me the energy of the owl, a silent power and knowing that is easily seen and felt from afar.

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10" x 45", 16" x 72", 10" x 45", 16" x 72"


Silk Habotai, Poly Chiffon, Satin Charmeuse, Matte Crepe


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