Black Walnut Wood Art – Old Man Winter Ullr with Wolf




Ullr is a very old god of archery, hunting, and the winter. His name occurs so frequently as part of Scandinavian historical reference, and he was shown frequently with skates or skis on, because of this he has been hailed as the modern God of Skiing. Ullr’s name comes from the word “glory”.

If you are a previous fan of Erin Foggoa Creative, you know that Ullr or Skadi feature in many of my winter pieces. The vibrant, strong and stern gods of winter speak to me in terms of fierceness, bravery, and strength.

This is the original god in mty series, and he has been featured on snowboards, powder surfboards, and can be found several times in the last Warren Miller film.

This series is a collaboration between myself and a carefully selected partner who does the wood working for me.
Each Erin Foggoa Creative wood cut print is made carefully by true artisans, made to order and sent with care.
I have partnered with only the best of art production companies to make a product that is as close to the first image as can be. 


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