Hello! My name is Erin Foggoa (FO•GO) and I am an animal lover, Canadian wilderness girl, snowboarder and artist. 
I consider myself so very blessed to live and paint and create and make art where I do, deep in the forests of Cherryville BC. I was raised in the Rocky Mountains in Golden, BC and spent most of my life there.
My love of the wild was fostered from hiking, snowboarding and camping with great stone giants, among lumbering beasts, and under soaring spirits. I moved to Cherryville six years ago with the aim to set down roots and raise my family.
I am a self-taught traditional artist with a love of all things wood and vintage. I create my large digital pieces on the computer, but even finish them off with wood. My framework comes from antique windows, and locally harvested wood. I paint using acrylics and clay paints, because I love the earthy feel and look and I love painting with bright and natural colour combinations.
I aim to capture the beauty and spirit of animals in a way that makes them more relatable to humans.
I give away a portion of my proceeds to animal rescues, because I think that rescue and rehabilitation workers are phenomenal people.
I absolutely love bears, and owls. Every time I am fortunate enough to see one in the forest it takes my breath away. I've been amazingly lucky enough to rescue and spend some time with a great horned owl, but I'll leave the bear rescue to the professionals.