Monetize Creative

What is Monetize Creative?


Once upon a time, the world engaged in a clever plan. To diminish the god-given gift of the artist, we romanticized and honoured the entirely crazy cliche of the “starving artist”.

It became not only accepted but embraced that in order for an Artist to be valid, or real, or a true artist of the purest form, they had to be willing to starve, or suffer.
So, like lemmings, we followed. We created work, and we scraped by, and we barely made it day to day.

But now we know, thanks to amazing books like Real Artists Don’t Starve, that Michaelangelo would’ve actually been a millionaire. We know that you can duct tape a fruit to a wall and charge hundreds of thousands. We know that we are no longer even remotely interested in scraping.

You were given a GIFT. The way to honour that gift is to charge accurately for your work, to make enough money not to survive, but to bloody well flourish.
You deserve to enjoy, to create from a place of love, not scarcity. You deserve to be able to build an artistic empire.

My name is Erin Foggoa, and I used to be a starving artist. I used to think that was the path, my destiny. I used to think I would die poor, like all the “greats.”
I now know, as you should, that that is a pill that I am not willing to swallow.

If you are looking for a true direction, and want to be a thriving artist, I would start here, with my book, Make Money, Make Art.

I made this an easy, small inspiring book for you to generate some fast acton steps and get inspired to THRIVE.

If you are already working on your artwork, and are looking for a way to monetize and walk away

If you know that your problem with your art is more mindset based, I strongly suggest you go here, and work with the very mentors that changed the way I see money forever.

If you follow the videos, and do the work in their entirely accessible membership platform Life By Design, it will change the way you operate, plan for your future, and ultimately increase your income.