There is a need for your artwork. There are people looking for it
Let that ignite your spark within.

You always said you were going to take your art seriously if you could just save up a little money. It always comes down to these two reasons, time or money. But much like me and everyone else in the world, your time is now free. What I genuinely, passionately, with all my heart want to solve for you, is the story of the money. I have designed some really amazing courses that will walk you through how to go from a confused, dreamy, “wish I was a REAL artist” type, to a thriving BOSS, take no prisoners Art CEO. But first, I sat down and I poured my heart and soul into this book that will teach you how to build a community, start making enough sales to build your confidence, set up some strategies, and get rid of your money blocks, yes EVEN NOW.


There is still money in this world. There is still a need for your artwork, and there is still a large group of people out there who are seeking your talent and can’t find you!!! That alone should spark enough fire within. They’re trying to find you, and you’re hiding. You’ve been daydreaming about working in your studio, carelessly painting or gluing or drawing, collaging, and thoroughly enjoying yourself because this is what you do for a living. You love what you do, you think it’s pretty good, but you are locked in fear of asking for money.

Hello! If we haven’t had a chance to connect yet, my name is Erin Foggoa, and I am the creative designer behind 4 businesses, I sell art and fabric, and socks, and water bottles, and canvases, and paper prints, and all kinds of fun goodness.

I spent a lot of my initial art years struggling and not having very much fun at all, so now that I have reached a point where most of my businesses are on autopilot, I have decided to teach my artist friends how to follow step by step all the processes i used to get from A all the way to Z.

If you have any questions about the books I am offering , pop in to my facebook page and connect with me there, and otherwise any of the links below will take you to the course that suits your current needs.