I am beyond thrilled that everyone who purchases from our limited edition artist lines knows they are getting a piece of my heart that is produced in an eco conscious and ethical way. I aim for that “it’s perfect!” in every reveal, and after over a decade of trials and product testing, I know I have partnered with all the right brands.

Before I created Erin Foggoa Creative’s art for business departments I noticed a large struggle within my arts community both to find a way to achieve success of their own right, and also to find a branding company that understood their heart-centered intuitive business.

I struggled for over 17 years to try and show my work, break into the world of social media, go to show after show that resulted in no sales. I threw in the towel about 100 times, if I am honest with you. 

They say that business and emotion cannot go hand in hand, but how can that be true when your business is you releasing a piece of your heart and soul to be love and appreciated? And when at the core of a rejection stands a piece of work that you gave your EVERYTHING to.

I was concerned  for some time that I did not have enough knowledge to share with you, but then I realized the opposite was true, as I began to help more and more of my art friends out of their struggle to be seen.

I decided to set out to create the most authentic and real site to help creatives on their own path to financial freedom. 

When I graduated from design school I was sure I now had all the tools to be a paid professional artist, it turned out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

From finding your ideal client to deciding where best to display your art, I have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.  And so if you have come here to see our best selling limited edition art pieces before they vanish, then I shall direct you here. 

And if you know that you are ready for more and you want to be seen, and show your art to the world, then you need to start here.


And if you know your ideal client avatar, and you are ready to make a big leap and brand your beautiful, bold, heart centered business, then you need to go here.