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“I have been creating art for as long as I can literally remember anything. The minute that children sort of splice off and move into other parts of education, I remained making art, drawing, writing, always creating.

My work is reflective of the glorious paradox that is my life; one half of my heart will always remain at home in the forest, touching and smelling all the leaves and bark and flowers, hoping to catch a glimpse of a great beast or two. Then just as easily drawn back to my love of all things city and technology, the wild sounds and lively energy. I am half digital and half traditional, and so is my body of work.

My original pieces are a combination of gathered images and precise digital illustration, layered then with paints or metals, and then gemstones and micas, then layered again with art resin. Or, once in a very special time, I will create a painting. Layers again of acrylic paint with thick and interesting textures and always brilliant splashes of colour.

Making these pieces of artwork comes from an unyielding passion to draw people to the eyes of my animal subjects, to make them really and truly care – as I do – about the fate of those that share this planet with us. Elephants, grizzlies, whales, orangutans; they keep me up at night. If I can make a piece of art that could make one person truly feel compelled towards conservation, what a success that will be.”

Erin Foggoa

Erin was born and raised in the Rocky Mountain town of Golden, BC, and felt most at home alone in the forests there. She travelled all over for many years, learning technical design, and enhancing her traditional skills on the Islands of BC, then all over the interior, as far as the Yukon and Nova Scotia, adding to her skillset, before moving to Boundary Country in BC.

She is a signature member of Artists for Conservation, and has sold hundreds of original artworks.

Designed and created several public murals, including two for elementary schools.

Her work has been featured in the last Warren Miller movie, as well as at the pop up gallery for Universal Studios Snow White and The Huntsman film, alongside the award-winning clothing designs of Colleen Atwood.

Her illustration has been featured on Bravo TV’s Odd Mom Out, and she has two public statues in Vancouver. Erin was asked to create two Terra Cotta Warrior paintings for the BC Lions Society. One is at the airport and the other calls the Burnaby Casino home.

Erin believes strongly in animal conservation, and donates a portion of her sales to animal rescue companies.

Erin also creates entirely original intuitive energetic healing art as well, allowing herself to be guided through the process. This is a collaborative project with her partner in art and business, Danielle Laura, gifted intuitive healer. These pieces are limited entirely, in that we will only create so many a year. If you are looking for something truly custom and thoroughly made just for you, please have a look at the “Energetic Art” page.


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